Don’t throw those contact lenses down the drain

For those of us who wear contact lenses, we can’t image our life without them, right? But did you know that improper disposal of contact lenses may contribute to pollution? Arizona State Scientists conducted a nationwide study and found that 15 to 20 percent of contact-lens wearers are flushing contact lenses down the sink or […]

Top Selling Contact Lens Brands

Everyone deserves clear and comfortable vision! So, for those of us who are slightly visually challenged, contact lenses are tiny miracles for our eyes. Most importantly, contacts give us the freedom to explore our world without the discomforts of blur or glasses pressing on our noses. Are you happy in your current contact lens brand? […]

What is the best Contact Lens Brand?

What a great question, right? If you wear contact lenses, you know that being in the right contact lens brand for your eyes is key to comfortable and clear vision. The thing is, there is no perfect answer to this question. Why? Because everybody’s eyes are unique, not only in terms of prescription but also […]

10 TIPS for Contact Lens Wearers

Don’t Self-Prescribe Keep a copy of your prescription  Replace your contacts on time Wash and dry your hands before touching your eyes Clean your case frequently Take your contacts out before napping/sleeping Take your contacts out before showering/swimming Take your contacts out when your eyes are bothering you See your eye doctor if you have […]